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New Technology Generates Power Using Conveyor Belt Energy

A global leader in bulk handling equipment has introduced an innovative technology that uses the kinetic energy from a moving conveyor belt to generate enough power to run a wide variety of electronic systems. Martin Engineering designed the Martin® Roll Gen™ System to create a self contained mini power station that allows operators to run electrical monitoring systems and safety mechanisms. Able to be retrofitted on existing idler support structures, operators are not required to maintain a special stock of conveyor rollers, as the generator can be employed on virtually any steel roller. The device is considered a first step toward eliminating power production obstacles,

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The Benefits Of Onboard Truck Scales For Your Scrap Business

Scales are an essential part of the scrap and recycling industry. Onboard truck scales can streamline your scrap business by bringing the scale to the product. Compatible with forklifts, loaders, cranes and trucks, onboard scales allow you to accurately weigh and record load data in real time.

Weigh incoming loads quickly

If you receive inventory on pallets or bundles, you can use a forklift scale to check the weight of a shipment, verifying that its stated value is correct. Any light loads will be immediately obvious, and you’ll be able to resolve any issues quickly.

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Which Weighing System Do I Need When It Comes To Warehousing?

In the logistics and warehousing business, time is money.  But so is space.  

For peak performance of any warehouse and distribution operation, maximum use has to be made of every centimetre of available space – plus inventory has to be weighed, moved, packed and tracked, all with precision accuracy.   

And that’s why the new generation of weighing, packaging and management solutions which combine precision weighing devices with highly advanced data management functionality has been such a game-changer for the warehousing industry.

Weighing systems are now capable of much more than just recording dimension data at a warehouse operation –

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Free Seminar – Making Meaningful Rheological Measurements

Rheology and the influence of particle size on dispersion stability

This 2 hour seminar will present some of the fundamental properties of dispersed systems, and demonstrate how these ultimately affect rheological properties. We will discuss the Malvern Kinexus rheometer, a powerful laboratory-based analysis system, that performs accurate and reproducible shear and axial measurements.

You think it – Kinexus can run it …

Key topics covered:

  1. Introduction to Rheology – Applied Measurement
  2. Relating Rheological Parameters to Particle Properties –

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Bulk Material Handling System Moves Highly Fragile Product at a Rate of 12,000 Pounds Per Hour While Also Reducing Finished Product Reject Rate

This automated bulk material handling system provides a total process solution for moving highly fragile product through multiple process operations into bulk storage for temporary holding prior to final packaging. At a process rate of 12,000 pounds per hour, bulk totes of the product are nested into a lift carriage; the tote is sealed to a custom-designed discharge hood. The tote is vertically conveyed, using 1-1/2 inch, solid 304 stainless steel track and cam rollers, to a 23-foot discharge height. During tilting of the tote, optical sensors ensure a maximum product discharge drop distance of no more than 5 inches throughout the entire 150º rotation.

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Game Changer for Infant Formula Mixing

Paddle Mixing Quality With Vacuum Transfer Efficiency:

The step forward in mixing technology for infant formula and milk powder is the Chemplant Hygienic Design Vacuum Mixer – CHDV. Utilizing proven paddle mixing technology and making it compatible with a vacuum transfer system in one unique design, positions the CHDV as the leader in high quality powder blending.


Already implemented in a number of infant formula plant designs, the mixer retains all the well-known attributes of the very successful C Series mixers and offers the added advantage of minimal plant footprint as compared to traditional gravity fed systems.

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Top FAQs About Onboard Vehicle Weighing Systems

Onboard vehicle weighing systems are important for many reasons including legislative, safety and economic, and there are a number of different types available to suit a huge variety of applications.

From the transport and freight industries to waste management, agriculture, mining and construction – there’s an onboard weighing system to suit any application and these top frequently asked questions should help with decision-making when it comes to selecting the right product.

What are onboard vehicle weighing systems used for?

These systems are fitted onto a wide variety of vehicles including trucks, forklifts,

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Bulk Bag Discharger With Hopper Shuttle System

A new BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Discharging Station from Flexicon prevents cross-contamination during material changeovers, while eliminating down-time associated with cleaning of hoppers. Beneficial for applications involving food allergens, pigments, flavourings and other contamination-sensitive materials, the discharger features a shuttle system that allows a hopper that has been used, to be exchanged for a clean, dry hopper in less than one minute.

Each hopper is equipped with a stainless steel rotary valve that meters material into process equipment positioned below the mezzanine. Once empty, a hopper can be rolled within two C-channels to either side of the central filling position for sanitising offline. 

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Low Profile Bulk Bag Filler Pivots Head to Operator

A new Rear-Post Bulk Bag Filler features a patented Swing-Down® fill head that pivots to the operator at floor level for safe, ergonomic spout connections, and a low-profile loading deck that allows removal of filled bags using a pallet jack.

The cantilevered fill head pivots downward to a vertical orientation that places the inflatable bag spout seal, inflator button, and four bag loop latches within an arm’s length of an operator standing on the plant floor, eliminating the need to climb steps, strain or risk injury associated with overhead connections to conventional fill heads.

Once the operator connects the bag straps and activates the inflatable bag spout collar,

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VEGAPULS 64 – First radar level sensor for liquids with 80 GHz

VEGA Grieshaber KG is now introducing VEGAPULS 64, the first radar level sensor on the market for liquids that measures at a frequency of 80 GHz. This feature allows considerably better focusing of the radar beam. With this new instrument, measuring is much easier and more reliable, even under difficult conditions, such as tanks fitted with heating coils, baffles or agitators.

Until now, a radar sensor with a transmission frequency of 26 GHz and an 80 mm-diameter antenna had a beam angle of approximately 10°. With the same size of antenna, the VEGAPULS 64 has a beam angle of only 3°.

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