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Next-Gen MT100 Air/Gas Flow Meters For Large Diameter Pipes, Stacks and Ducts

Process and plant engineers in heavy industrial facilities responsible for optimising combustion or pre-heated air to large boilers, stack emissions monitoring and reporting, or flue gas/scrubber balancing, will find the next-gen MT100 Series Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) and available from AMS Instrumentation & Calibration (AMS) set a new standard in performance accuracy, reliability, ease of use and value.

FCI’s breakthrough MT100 Series Air/Gas Flow Meters combine state-of-art electronics technology with application-proven precision flow sensors in a rugged package designed for the most demanding plant operating environments.  They provide temperature-compensated direct mass flow measurement of air and gases for precise,

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BEUMER Group develops a mobile app for monitoring the operation of entire packaging lines

The BEUMER Group has developed the BEUMER Overall Operation Monitoring app, an application which enables staff to maintain an overview of all the relevant parameters of their packaging line on their mobile devices at any time. The application shows the status quo of availability, performance and quality levels as well as the energy and compressed-air consumption. This ensures efficient operation of all systems. The program can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

With this development, the BEUMER Group is taking a further step towards Industry 4.0: BEUMER Overall Operation Monitoring enables users to keep a constant eye on the current status of the filling,

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Efficient Reduction with Cryogenic Screw Heat Exchanger

Preparation for cryogenic grinding

Van Beek has developed the cryogenic screw to prepare bulk goods for grinding in a process. On leaving the screw the bulk goods are ready for grinding for example in a pin mill. This screw heat exchanger is also suitable for processes where it is important that the products must cool in a short time (quickly), for example in the food industry or in chemical processes to give certain product properties.

Perfect mixing of nitrogen by nozzles and paddles
Due to the extremely low temperature tough products or products that are sensitive to heat input can be reduced more effectively and efficiently.

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Precision Bulk Material Handling System Moves Highly Fragile Product at a Rate of 12,000 Pounds Per Hour While Also Reducing Finished Product Reject Rate

HOLLAND, Michigan (June 15, 2017) – National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). This automated bulk material handling system provides a total process solution for moving highly fragile product through multiple process operations into bulk storage for temporary holding prior to final packaging.

At a process rate of 12,000 pounds per hour, bulk totes of the product are nested into a lift carriage; the tote is sealed to a custom-designed discharge hood. The tote is vertically conveyed, using 1-1/2 inch, solid 304 stainless steel track and cam rollers, to a 23-foot discharge height. During tilting of the tote, optical sensors ensure a maximum product discharge drop distance of no more than 5 inches throughout the entire 150º rotation.

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A Best-Practice Approach to Handling Waste Powder from OSD Manufacturing

The loss of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APis) during oral solid dosage (OSD) production is inevitable. Managing material loss is vital for reasons of safety, regulatory compliance, and cost.

Commonly, dust management strategies employ filter-based collection technologies. However, while such systems can be effective, they are costly to maintain and can often result in significant material waste.

Cyclone technology can address these challenges by localising dust capture, preventing filter blockage and even enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to recover lost APis in a cost-effective and compliant manner with zero maintenance costs.


Managing the dust generated during powder processing is important in all types of manufacturing. 

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Lindor Drum Mixers for Plastics Industry

Lindor drum mixers are increasingly often finding their way into the plastics industry. The ‘gentle touch’ mixing principle is suitable for a wide range of applications such as ‘dusting’ sticky granulates.

The gentle touch mixing principle of Lindor mixers ensures that the quality of the components remains intact. There is little or no product break-up, dust formation and heating up. Thanks to the usually good running properties of plastics the mixing times can be short. This means that high capacities can be achieved, certainly in the case of a continuous mixing process. For example capacities of 5 to 15 (and even 20) tonnes/hour.

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Industry-Leading Performance to Address Emissions Regulations

Emerson Automation Solutions has introduced the Enardo ES-665 spring-loaded thief hatch for use on low-pressure storage tanks in oil and gas and other industries. Storage tanks can emit vapors to the environment, which has resulted in tighter regulations and the need for improved emissions control from storage tank devices.

To address this challenge, the ES-665 has been engineered with increased sealing forces, as well as with a tight and consistent fit of the sealing surfaces. The resulting emissions performance of the Enardo ES-665 thief hatch is an industry-leading 0.10 SCFH (standard cubic feet/hour) at 90 percent of setpoint*.

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Harvestore® Raptor Series: Introducing Tomorrow’s Technology in Today’s Chains

CST Reveals New Raptor Series Premium Unloader Cutter and Conveyor Chains

June 9, 2017, Kansas City, MO – The Harvestore® Division of CST Industries, Inc., the world’s largest and leading tank and dome manufacturer, is pleased to announce the new Harvestore Raptor Series Premium Unloader Cutter and Conveyor Chains. Harvestore, dating back to the mid-1940s, is the premier solution for converting corn and hay silage into the highest quality, most palatable forage. The new Harvestore Raptor Series Chains are Harvestore Blueprint Parts, designed to work specifically with Harvestore Unloaders and outperform after-market offerings. All Harvestore Blueprint Parts are sold and backed by the knowledge and experience of an extensive world-wide Harvestore dealer network.

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Vortex Loading Spouts Gain ATEX Certification in Europe

Vortex, a solids and bulk handling components company, announces its Loading Solutions product line has gained Zone 20 (internal) and Zone 21 (external) ATEX certification in the European Union. Because ATEX certification is required for equipment sold through the European Union (EU), this certification allows Vortex to broaden its international reach and enter an established European market for loading spouts. As Zone 20 and Zone 21 are the highest ATEX ratings that can be achieved, Vortex Loading Solutions are compliant for use in even the most hazardous applications, making Vortex products a viable option for all industries.

Established on March 29,

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Michael Brachthäuser (61) has been Manager of the cement business sector at BEUMER Group since 1 October, 2016. In this function, he controls and coordinates the global competence center for this industry. The mechanical engineer is responsible for the sales of the product portfolio, the strategic development and strengthening of the international sales team, the optimization of the overall sales structure and for smooth communication between the groupcompanies throughout the world. A native of Cologne, his objective is to further promote the BEUMER Group’s international alignment together with the global competence center. His aspiration is to unite the synergies of all the BEUMER Group subsidiaries in this sector to the advantage of the customer.

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