October 2006 – Featured Company- Hisen Equipment

Hisen Equipment – Experts In The Field Of Industrial Sampling Systems

Continuous manufacturing and process developments and the associated increasing demands placed on product quality and testing programs, now require either manual or automatic sampling procedures operated in accordance with a defined and validated quality control program. This is essential throughout the manufacturing process, beginning with raw materials intake, through to the finished product.

As every manufacturer knows, having to discard, rework or release a finished product that does not comply with the end users quality standards, can result in product recalls and potential litigation, both of which can place considerable financial burden on a company.

Having previously had many years of experience in the powder and bulk materials handling industry, 14 years ago Ron Purvis recognised the sampling needs of the industry and established HISEN EQUIPENT PTY LTD. Since then, Hisen has specialised in the design and manufacture of sampling equipment for chemical, dairy, food, grain, mineral and pharmaceutical applications.

Today, Ron’s extensive experience in the bulk materials handling industry and associated understanding of product characteristics, are invaluable in the correct selection and sizing of sampling devices. However, correctly specified equipment is only the start. Hisen Equipment also offers essential advice on how to correctly implement and use the equipment supplied.

The Hisen product range includes samplers designed for ambient or pressure applications. Their equipment reference list includes installations in Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, South East Asia and the USA.

The Industrial Sampling Systems offered by Hisen for the Powder Handling and Processing Industry, are designed by the company and manufactured in Australia. Quality and support is therefore second to none, yet the full product range remains highly competitive with inferior quality equipment imported from overseas.

Sampling equipment for liquids, viscous products, waste water / sediment, and chemical applications are also available.

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