200 & 300 Series Switches Upgraded

Noshok have upgraded the 200 and 300 Series Mechanical Switches to provide increased versatility, along with significantly improved repeatability and contact ratings.

Both the 200 and 300 Series Switches now provide an increased switching frequency of 100 cycles per minute, and improved switching repeatability of ±2.0%. They also feature superior contact ratings: AC up to 250 V – 4 A, and DC up to 28 V – 2 A, and are RoHS compliant.

Other improvements include adjustable hysteresis in the 300 Series Switch (10-30% of switch point), and the 200 Series Switch function is now SPDT. Both switches are available in a variety of ranges.

The 200 Series Switch is constructed with an external adjustment screw for ease of setting the switching point on-site. This switch operates using a high quality diaphragm or piston element to open or close a micro switch. It is also available in special versions with stainless steel or brass housing and gold contacts for low switching currents.

The 300 Series Switch features a rugged zinc plated steel housing and process connection, and uses proven diaphragm or piston type sensing technology to provide excellent reliability, repeatability, and affordability. Its micro switch contacts are silver plated for extended service life and exceptional dependability, and its switching functions are field adjustable while under pressure.

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