4B SpeedMaster – Speed Switch Sensor Testing & Calibration Device

4B Australia, a leading supplier of material handling and electronic components for bucket elevators and conveyors, has just launched a new maintenance tool that makes the testing of 4B speed switch sensors quick, easy and accurate.

The SpeedMaster™ is the only device that accurately tests the calibration of speed switches and their alarm and shutdown underspeed relays.

The SpeedMaster™ operates in two modes; input mode provides the user with the machine’s actual running speed, and output mode allows the user to test the speed switch at set underspeed trip points for real time verification of the monitoring system’s alarm and shutdown functions.

There is no need to remove the sensor from the machine shaft or change any system connections in order to use the SpeedMaster™. Maintenance and safety personnel can now quickly, easily and accurately test 4B speed switches during recommended inspection schedules.

The new Patent Pending technology of the Speedmaster will change the way plants use underspeed monitoring systems and will make the plants safer.

About 4B Australia :
4B Australia is the latest subsidiary of the 4B Braime Group, leading supplier of bucket elevator and conveyor components and electronic monitoring equipment.

4B Braime has been a pioneer of the material handling industry, introducing the first seamless steel elevator bucket back in1909 and since then leading the field in elevator bucket and bolt design and manufacture. 4B supplies the highest quality forged chain and elevator belting and 4B Braime’s electronic division specializes in level conrols, electric sensors and safety control systems that prevent costly downtime and reduce the risks of explosions in hazardous areas.

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