A Smarter Way to Calibrate Temperature

Beamex has concentrated on developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling calibration products and services for process industries since its establishment in 1975. The focus of the Beamex business has been and continues to be on industrial metrology solutions. However, Beamex actively seeks new possibilities to widen its product and services range.

Beamex is launching an entire range of temperature calibration products and services. The temperature products and services are a perfect fit to Beamex’s existing range of portable calibrators, calibration software and related services.

Beamex introduces a smarter, more efficient and accurate solution for calibrating temperature. It is a complete solution for temperature calibration with various different products and services, such as a series of high-quality dry blocks for field and laboratory use, smart reference probes and temperature calibration laboratory services.

Beamex offers two different dry block series: the Beamex® FB Series Field Temperature Blocks and the Beamex® MB Series Metrology Temperature Blocks. The dry blocks in the FB Series are lightweight, high-accuracy temperature dry blocks for industrial use. The dry blocks in the MB Series deliver bath-level accuracy for industrial applications as well.

The FB and MB dry blocks are also part of the Beamex® Integrated Calibration Solution. The Beamex® dry blocks communicate with the Beamex® MC5 Multifunction Calibrators enabling fully automated temperature calibration and documentation. The calibration results can then be uploaded from the MC5 to the Beamex® CMX Calibration Software. This saves a lot of valuable time, eliminates any errors related to manual entry and assures repeatable calibration procedures.

Each new Beamex® MB Series or FB Series product, as well as the Beamex® Smart Reference Probes, are delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate.

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