A Tramp Iron Magnets for Light Duty

Serpent and Dove introduces magnets for small conveyors that won’t break the bank!

Serpent and Dove has introduced a design of lightweight, low cost tramp metal permanent magnets for conveyors with small burdens.

In the past, limited design options have meant that tramp magnets larger, heavier and more costly than required were frequently applied over small, low capacity conveyors. Now, using rare earth magnet technology and smaller, lighter components, Serpent and Dove produces lightweight tramp iron magnets specifically for smaller conveyors that carry low capacities with burden depths up to about 100mm.

Known as the Premier Plate Magnet, the design allows tramp iron magnets up to 1500 mm wide, with various pole configurations as suited to the application. One recently manufactured unit is suspended over a garden mulch flat conveyor 1500 mm wide with a conveyed product depth averaging about 90 mm. In addition, Serpent and Dove also supplies both electro and permanent tramp metal magnets, self-cleaning or manually cleaned for large burden conveyors of all speeds, capacities and product types.

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