Absafe Announce the Successful Trialling of Cardox for Large Silo Cleanouts

Absafe Pty Ltd, an IRATA company that specialises in rope access and confined space works have recently trialled the use of Cardox during a large scale silo clean out of a 10,000 tonne silo in Railton Tasmania.

Cardox CO² systems are comprised of reusable steel tubes filled with liquid carbon dioxide, which when energized by a small electrical charge from the firing head, instantly converts into gas. The CO² volume builds up until the pressure inside the tube causes a rupture disc at the end to burst and release the gas at a controlled pressure of up to 40,000 psi. These pressures build within milliseconds and generate forces capable of dislodging and clearing stubborn build ups of rock-hard concrete, cement, and heavily compacted bulk solids.

After clearing the roof and walls Rope access operatives planted the 1200 mm steel tubes in 6 to 10 mt high build ups. This proved highly effective in dropping them down to safe levels to allow for vaccum removal.

Whilst manual clean outs of silos has long been regarded as the least favourable method in terms of potential hazards to personnel Absafe’s control procedures and impeccable attitude to safety backed by years of experience and Strict IRATA Compliance means that such clean-outs when required can be done, expediently and safely.

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