Accuweigh Retains Basic Scale Making Skills

Brian Wood from Accuweigh’s VIC branch recently completed the fastidious overhaul of a relic from a bygone era – a Dayton barrel scale.

Brian spent many hours utilizing his highly-honed skills to breathe life back into this historical machine that is owned by Fergusson Plarre bakehouse in Melbourne to enable it to become a display piece for their shopfront.

Although refurbishing mechanical scales may seem to be totally unrelated to the latest digital scales, the dynamics of weighing still remain the same today, mass and controlled mechanical movement. These same principles still apply to a digital loadcell as it also relies on the controlled mechanical compression or bending of its metal body. The output is electrical rather than amplified mechanical movement, but many of the basic alignment and friction principles that were so critical with mechanical scales are still very relevant.

All to often, an “electronics only” technician can be totally stumped trying to fault-find a seemingly electronic fault that eventually turns out to be a basic mechanical alignment issue. This is why it’s important for a weighing company to have a diverse range of skills.

Accuweigh is proud of have staff like Brian that still retain the all important knowledge of basic mechanical weighing principles and who are prepared to pass their knowledge and experience onto the younger generation.

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