Accuweigh’s Bob Neuman – 42 Years in the Specialised Field of Weighing

Bob Neuman is but one of many of Accuweigh’s staff who has spent their entire working lives in the weighing industry. No matter what problems arise or how impossible a client’s weighing application may seem, Accuweigh relies heavily on the vast experience and knowledge of staff like Bob to provide the BEST possible solutions to their client’s needs.

Accuweigh is extremely proud to have such prized team members in their ranks and looks forward to having many more of its valued staff achieve similar milestones to the benefit of our clients and the entire weighing industry in general.

Bob commenced his working life at Mercury Scale Company in 1965 as an apprentice Fitter and Turner (toolmaker). At the completion of his apprenticeship he became a Scale Technician, installing and commissioning mechanical and electronic weighing equipment Australia wide. He spent approximately twenty (20) years in this role before progressing through to International Manager for what had then become Mercury Weighing & Control Systems. In this role Bob was responsible for expanding their business overseas, investigating the possibilities of off shore manufacturing (particularly in China), promoting sales of Mercury Products and also sales of components for assembly overseas. During his time in this position Bob made numerous trips to Asia, and was credited for the sale of 250 Analytical Balances into China as well as a complete sugar bagging plant in Shanghai.

This role progressed into Bob becoming Project Manager for the company and he was responsible for the manufacture and installation of a complex weighing and monitoring system for the coal industry in the Wollongong District.

A&D then took over Mercury Weighing and Control Systems and became what we know today as A&D Mercury. Bob moved on to the role of Quality Manager and was solely responsible for setting up their quality system and obtaining ISO9001 accreditation and NATA Laboratory accreditation. After successfully completing the QA role, Bob became National Service Manager and was responsible for setting up a national service team to support A&D products.

Bob’s next role with A&D was as Special Project Manager where he was responsible for the transfer of load cell technology from Japan to Australia. This resulted in Bob setting up A&D’s Load Cell manufacturing facility in Adelaide from scratch. Bob then decided it was time to move on, and became State Manager of United Weighing who had commenced operations in Adelaide. As State Manager, Bob was responsible for everything!

In 1997 Accuweigh approached Bob and offered him a position of Service Manager (combined with a sales role) with our Adelaide operations which he accepted. After 12 months in this position, Bob then moved into a dedicated Sales and Marketing role with a great deal of success. Earlier this year Bob accepted a National Training position with the company where he is responsible for, amongst other things, creating and implementing a training manual and training programme for the SAH group of companies whilst also retaining a reduced Sales and marketing role.

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