Accuweighs Fully Digital Weighbridge Ffr Bemcove in QLD

A fully digital weighbridge is weighing vehicles at a waste recycling facility in Brisbane’s Acacia Ridge. Installed by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, the twenty metre long weighbridge uses six fully digital weighbridge load cells connected to a digital weight indicator using a digital load cell input.

Both Analog and Fully Digital Weighbridges have advantages and disadvantages, but weighing performance for both types of load cells is identical and regulated by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) in Sydney. All weighbridges have to comply with both minimum and maximum weighing accuracies to achieve trade approvals and unfortunately, environmental conditions are usually the limiting factor as to the resulting weighing accuracy.

The maximum number of divisions allowable for all trade approved weighbridges (both analog and digital) is 3,000 divisions; this equates to a 20kg division size on weighbridges up to 60t capacity. Over 60t capacity, NMI approvals stipulate 50kg divisions up 150t capacity with 100kg divisions required above that.

Fully Digital Weighbridges are no more accurate than a weighbridge using analog load cells – both must comply with the same NMI approvals for accuracy and tolerances. Digital weighbridges do have slight labour saving advantages during initial setup but this cost saving can easily be offset by the fact the weighbridge owner is basically locked into only dealing with the supplier of the digital components or their agents. Analog weighbridges can be serviced and repaired by almost any scale company which increases competition and leads to lower servicing costs.

This weighbridge is Australian Made using BHP steel and manufactured by QWM at their dedicated weighbridge manufacturing facility in Brisbane’s northern suburb of Geebung. Accuweigh/QWM is Australia’s largest supplier of weighbridge and has the capabilities to supply both analog and digital weighbridge systems for all heavy duty weighing applications, including weighbridges, silo and tank weighing systems.

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