Accuweighs Vehicle Weighbridge Configured For Split Weighing in WA

A Vehicle Weighbridge was recently commissioned with extended concrete pads at each end to allow Split Weighing of vehicles longer than the weighbridge deck to be performed. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Perth branch, this Vehicle Weighbridge only measures 18 metres long but is able to Split Weigh trucks and trailers in B Double configurations.

To enable Split Weighing to be legally performed on a Vehicle Weighbridge for attaining Gross Vehicle Mass, the weighing deck and both the extended pads must be within 0.25° of horizontal and can’t involve any more than two weighings. In this weighing application, the approach pad measures 9 metres in length and the departure pad 12 metres with both pads level in the same plane as the weighing deck to ensure high accuracy weighings.

As this Vehicle Weighbridge uses an above ground foundation design, concrete ramps five metres long were also required at the end of both pads to provide vehicle access to the elevated weighing deck. An Accuweigh IT3000 digital weight indicator generates the weight readings up to a capacity of 60.00t while a remote display with integral traffic lights provides weight readings to drivers and regulates vehicle movements across the weighing deck.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of Weighbridges and offers Superior Product Support from Eight branches across mainland states.

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