Safe mixing of contents in drums

A new materials handling technology has been developed by Australian safety specialist, Actisafe, to aid in the mixing of contents in drums of all sizes, safely and efficiently.

Actidrum is a sturdy, industrial strength product that can be manufactured to operate in a fixed position or supplied with long wearing castors to those seeking a mobile version.

The system is applicable across many industries including food processing and baking, general manufacturing, chemical production and laboratories.

Using a system of lateral rollers, Actidrum allows drums to be placed on their sides and rotated continuously and evenly for whatever period of time is required.

The Actidrum system can be manufactured to handle any number of drums at once and can operate non-stop 24 hours a day.

During the rotation motion, drums are secured in position by rollers on all axes to ensure they remain firmly in position. There is no chance of drums slipping off during activity.

Its welded steel frame is very durable and can even withstand knocks and bumps from industrial equipment and forklift trucks.

The system is very low profile to allow all manner of materials handling systems to manoeuvre the drums on and off – everything from hoists to forklift trucks and gantries.

For more information, please contact Actisafe. 1300 852 397

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