Advanced Differential Pressure Flowmeter Technology

The McCrometer V-Cone® Flow meter is a patented technology that accurately measures flow over a wide range of Reynolds numbers, under all kinds of conditions and for a variety of fluids. It operates on the same physical principle as other differential pressure-type flowmeters, using the theorem of conservation of energy in fluid flow through a pipe.

The V Cone’s remarkable performance characteristics, however, are the result of its unique design. It features a centrally-located cone inside the tube. The cone interacts with the fluid flow, reshaping the fluid’s velocity profile and creating a region of lower pressure immediately downstream of itself. The pressure difference, exhibited between the static line pressure and the low pressure created downstream of the cone, can be measured via two pressure sensing taps. One tap is placed slightly upstream of the cone and the other is located in the downstream face of the cone itself. The pressure difference can then be incorporated into a derivation of the Bernoulli equation to determine the fluid flow rate. The cone’s central position in the line optimizes the velocity profile of the flow at the point of measurement, assuring highly accurate, reliable flow measurement regardless of the condition of the flow upstream of the meter.

The DP created by a V-Cone flow meter will increase and decrease exponentially with the flow velocity. As the constriction takes up more of the pipe cross-sectional area, more differential pressure will be created at the same flowrates. The beta ratio equals the flow area at the largest cross section of the cone (converted to an equivalent diameter) divided by the meter’s inside diameter.

Since the V-Cone flow meter can flatten the velocity profile, it can function much closer to upstream disturbances than other DP meters. The recommended installation for the V-Cone flow meter is zero to three diameters of straight run upstream and zero to one diameters downstream. This can be a major benefit to users with larger, more expensive line sizes or users which have small run lengths.

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