Affordable Product Inspection

Affordable Product Inspection……At Last!

Our litigious society and QA has been forcing food manufacturers and packaging companies to use “end of line” inspection equipment for many years now. Metal detectors have been the most common end of line units used however, they do not detect anything except for some metals.

X-Ray technology in food processing has also been in use for many years however, it has been very expensive technology and often required an operator to view a screen. However, now there is an affordable alternative.

National Australian company, Accuweigh Pty Ltd, has released the new budget model XR, X-Ray machine which is manufactured by “Cintex”. Trained technicians ensure service support and operator training is always available.

Insight X-ray machines allow for a much more complete inspection of sealed packages, to the extent that they can separately detect and reject contaminated, misshapen, incomplete, or misaligned product within a pack. An X-ray machine can bring the following benefits:

Detect and reject dense contamination such as:

  • All metals, and especially stainless steels.
  • Glass.
  • Mineral stone
  • Dense Plastics.
  • Dense Rubbers
  • Bone.
  • Flavour or ‘mix’ lumps

Packaging problems such as:

  • Missing product (short fill)
  • Broken product
  • Misaligned (skewed) product
  • Missing internal filling

Each of the two ‘groups’ of quality issues can be handled statistically and mechanically as separate tasks by the machine – missing product and contamination go into separate, segregated reject bins.

Cintex also manufactures high quality metal detectors and checkweighers, also distributed and supported by Accuweigh.

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