Affordable Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with X-Ray (EDS) for element ID

The Phenom™ desktop SEM is a user friendly and affordable tool that bridges the gap between the optical microscope and ultra high resolution microscopes. This desktop SEM exceeds the resolution of optical microscopes and eliminates the expense, delay and difficulty associated with operating a traditional SEM.

While viewing three-dimensional images of microscopic structures can be useful it is often necessary to collect more than just optical data. The ability to also identify the different elements in a specimen can be valuable for interpreting the images or identifying possible contaminants. The Phenom desktop SEM system with integrated X-ray analysis enables both sample structures to be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.

The Phenom Pro suite software has been developed to enable users to extract maximum information from images made using the Phenom SEM. The integrated ParticleMetric application allows users to gather morphology and particle size data. The Fibermetric application allows automated measurements and classification of fiber and filter samples. The 3D Roughness application generates three-dimensional images and roughness measurements while Elemental mapping reveals the distribution of elements within the sample.


  • Imaging power up to 100,000x magnification
  • Unmatched ease of use by intuitive system control
  • Fully integrated X-ray analysis
  • Fastest time from loading sample to SEM image (< 30 sec) by using an integrated X, Y motor stage
  • “Never lost” navigation by combination of optical navigation camera and low magnification SEM imaging

Applications include Forensic investigation, Material characterisation, Metallurgy analysis, Process control, Pharmaceutical and Industrial research and more.

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