AMS Appointed Distributor for GE Sensing

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd has been appointed distributor for the following divisions of GE Sensing throughout Australia. This is quite an achievement for AMS that only 10 years ago was a relatively small company and has now grown to represent some of the major flow companies in the world. Panametrics has been represented in Australia for quite a number of years and has a large installed base, particularly in the oil and gas fields. With the background of AMS in several other areas they intend to grow the market share in these markets as well. Following is an overview of the GE Sensing products:


Process industrial measurement is at the heart of our Panametrics brand instrument solutions for moisture, oxygen and hydrogen analysis as well as ultrasonic and vortex flow measurement.

Panametrics portable and fixed installation aluminium oxide hygrometers measure trace moisture in both gases and liquids. Panametrics gas analysers leverage many technologies: thermo-paramagnetic for percent oxygen analysis in gases; zirconium oxide for combustion flue gas oxygen analysis as well as analytical trace oxygen measurement in inert gases; electrochemical for trace or percent oxygen analysis in gases; and thermal conductivity for gas concentration measurement on binary mixtures with different thermal conductivities. Panametrics portable and fixed installation transit-time ultrasonic and fixed installation vortex based multivariable flowmeters can be applied to liquids, gases, and steam. Ultrasonic meters are available with either clamp-on or wetted transducers whereas vortex based meters are available with in-line or insertion type installation configuration.

General Eastern

General Eastern Instruments is known as a leader in the development, design, and manufacture of a full line of humidity, temperature and Pressure sensing instrumentation for Pharmaceutical, Building automation, Metrology, Automotive, Petrochemical and industrial applications.

The General Eastern product line is made up of Industrial relative Humidity (RH) dew point measurement devices, commercial relative humidity/ Temperature transmitters, sensors, and precision laboratory instrumentation as well as air and gas pressure transmitters and instruments, which are primarily used in HVAC systems and to monitor critical differential pressures in clean rooms, paint spray rooms, surgical suites, and respiratory treatment rooms.


Rheonik offers a variety of accurate, maintenance-free ultrasonic and vortex multivariable flowmeters and Coriolis Mass flowmeters that can take measurements reliably over a very wide range of pipe sizes and flow conditions. Accurate and versatile, our fixed-installation flowmeters provide an unrivalled combination of powerful features to meet your needs. For testing, service and troubleshooting, our portable flowmeters offer the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use. Our product range includes fixed-installation as well as ultrasonic portable flowmeters.

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