AMS Appointed Distributor for rbe Messtechnik

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd has been appointed exclusive distributor for the rbe Messtechnik range of flue gas analysis, pressure measurements and gas detection instrumentation for Australia, New Zealand and PNG. The appointment further enhances the new direction AMS is taken with the formation of 3 internal divisions within AMS, namely Calibration hardware and software, Flow, Pressure and Level instrumentation and Analytical.

As stated on their website the company was formed in 1985 when they had a vision “Why should we leave our climate to photosynthesis?”

1985 we had a vision. At that time climate, goals were still a long way off. We were dreaming of measuring the CO2 exhaust in every single house and being able to determine the efficiency of a combustion plant with measuring instruments. We started in a small garage in Iserlohn-Oestrich. Today our ecom instruments are in operation all over the world in homes, power plants, on ships and other large engines. We will not stop dreaming.

The ecom flue gas analysis is looking back at a short but very successful history. Many of the instruments still in use today have been in use since those early days. Production quality paired with longevity, perfected instrumental engineering combined with a competent service network point out the special quality of ecom flue gas analysers.

Pressure is a parameter measured in many different applications. Starting with the chimney draught as well as the finest pressure determination, pressure measurement serves to adjust gas burners or check pressings. For all these applications ecom-instruments offer suitable solutions.

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