AMS Appointed Katronic Distributor

Katronic Technologies Ltd and AMS Instrumentation & Calibration are proud to enter into an exclusive agreement for AMS to become Katronic’s Australian distributor to supply their range of ultrasonic flowmeters to the oil and gas and industrial market place.

Katronic Technologies Ltd. specialise in clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters and non-invasive process measurement instrumentation.

The company employs state-of-the-art electronics and sensor technology to produce clamp-on flow meters that are highly reliable and easy to operate.

The clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters of the KATflow series can measure on pipes of every common material and diameter.

The Katronic clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters measure the flow of most clean and dirty liquids from outside the pipe. The non-intrusive and non-invasive flow meters of the KATflow series enable engineers to externally monitor flow or thermal energy consumption without the need to open pipes.

The Katronic clamp-on flow meters are used worldwide by industry leading companies for all applications which demand non-invasive measurements. By combining sophisticated technology with an intuitive user interface, the ultrasonic flow meters of the KATflow series reduce the complexity of flow metering.

Since the company is entirely focused on clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters, they are true specialists in the field of external flow measurement and offer a quick and effective customer support.

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