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Taurus Belt Scrapers is an Australian owned company that manufactures conveyor belt cleaning equipment for bulk materials handling industries.

Graeme Duncan, Director of Taurus Belt Scrapers saw a need in the market for an easier way of reducing downtime and a more efficient way of changing primary scraper blades. The Taurus primary scraper blade is a patented innovative design which allows the user to safely and easily remove a conveyor blade without tools.

A simple vertical lift of the hand pulls the blade off the buffer and a new blade can be slipped on. Each blade is independently loaded thereby accommodating full differential wear across the conveyor belt, which ensures the scraper is doing the best job all the time.

Taurus conveyor belt scrapers are manufactured in Australia using Australian products except for stainless steel, which is made in Asia. As the credit crunch continues to affect the mining industry, companies are turning to locally made products. Apart from keeping money on shore and jobs in Australia, mining companies find that they can save money. Spare parts can be quickly fabricated with shorter order to delivery times and freight costs are greatly reduced.

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