Automated Capsule Transfer – The Hanningfield CapsuJet

The Hanningfield ‘CapsuJet’ capsule transfer system, originally designed and patented by Hanningfield in 1995, remains the best and most efficient method for the conveying of hard shell capsules in industry today.

The ‘CapsuJet’ is designed to overcome the problems associated with conventional mechanical systems, and is the method of choice for the automatic loading of high-speed capsule filling machines.

‘Load it and leave it’ – entire boxes of capsules can be emptied into the large-diameter hopper and left to automatically feed the Capsule Filling Machine with empty capsules, keeping your process automated and continuous. The ‘CapsuJet’ uses a gentle, low velocity air stream to transfer capsules without damage or breakage. This technology can be applied to either empty or filled capsules.

Designed with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in mind, the ‘CapsuJet’ offers excellent GMP and is manufactured from stainless steel, with an extremely quiet and maintenance free operation.

The ‘CapsuJet’ is designed and manufactured by Hanningfield in the United Kingdom, and is available with full validation documentation

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