Automatic Carton Erector for Vegetable Oils Processor

An automatic carton erector was recently commissioned for a large vegetable oils processor to erect cartons for storing bag-in-box containers of vegetable oils. Accuweigh’s Budpak branch in Newcastle supplied the carton erector as part of a turnkey drum and bag-in-box filling line, including a robot palletiser and stretch wrapper.

The DNC Automatic Carton Erector is fitted with a powered magazine for storing up to 150 flat pack cartons which are picked-up by a vacuum cup system which also unfolds the carton and sets it ready for forming. The carton is then conveyed through the automatic carton erector and the bottom flaps sealed by the integrated hot melt glue system, ready for downstream manual filling and top sealing.

The carton dimensions for width, height and length are easily adjusted by a series of crank handles with the actual dimensions displayed in the carton sealer’s control panel. The sequencing of the model BE automatic carton erector is controlled by an in-built Siemens PLC which also allows for a manual override for one off single carton erecting/sealing as required.

With an output capacity of up to 1000 cartons per hour, DNC’s BE carton erector and sealer is ideal for high throughput carton erecting applications.

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