Automatic Palletizing & Filling for GSK

Let’s take a peek at a recent installation at Glaxo Smith Kline, a leading processor of Poppy Seed in Tasmania.

GSK needed reliability in its plant to quickly pack poppy seed into paper sacks and palletize the product ready for quick loading of containers, at the same time address Occupational Health & Safety issues relating to manual handling of bags. Offering reliability and support, Automatic Palletizing & Filling we were able to help.

Firstly the brief was to upgrade and automate the sewing and closing line and to integrate a palletizing line to facilitate easy loading of containers.

APF’s principals at Chronos BTH, designed a bag closing line with a capacity of 400 bags per hour. Verbruggen Emmeloord BV then integrated this to a Verbruggen Palletizer model VPM 700 to palletize the finished product onto standard CHEP pallets lined with a slip-sheet ready for loading the containers.

In the words of Mr Peter Brewer Latrobe Operations Lead for GSK Glaxo Smith Kline “We are extremely happy with the complete installation, it is performing above our expectations”

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