Bag Filling Line for VIC Oats Supplier

A Bag Filling Line was recently supplied by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch to a Victorian supplier for filling oats into 20kg to 30kg open mouth bags.

Accuweigh’s Bag Filling Line uses an Australian Made Budpak GB50 open mouth bagger which is gravity fed and fabricated in stainless steel to comply with food regulations. The Bag Filler is fitted with a pneumatically operated radial swing catch-gate assembly providing two stage coarse and dribble feed control of product into the bag for optimum bagging speed and accuracy.

From the Bag Filling Line, the filled bags are automatically released on to a moving Bag Closing Conveyor whilst the operator places another empty bag on the pneumatically operated bag clamp assembly commencing the next filling cycle. The operator then presses a foot switch to convey the bag to the Newlong Automatic Bag Sewing Line.

The operator then presents the leading top edge of the filled bag to the In-feed Device prior to the DS-9C Sewing Machine which will automatically sew the bag, stop and cut the cotton chain thread. The sewn closed bag is now ready for palletising.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest weigh/packaging group with branches in all mainland states providing sales and service support on Bag Filling Lines, Bag Closing Lines, Palletisers and Stretch Wrappers.

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