Bag Filling Machine for SA Fertiliser Supplier

A bag filling machine supplied by Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch is being used for filling bags with fertiliser. The bag filling machine was commissioned for Cawte Industries at Murray Bridge in South Australia replacing a previous bagging system that was no longer operating efficiently.

A supplied Budpak gross weight bag filling machine is fed by product from an overhead silo to allow for filling speeds up to 10 bags per minute to be achieved. The Budpak GB55 bag filling machine is configured for manual bag attachment using an operator to clamp the empty bags to the filling machine before initiating the start button for each bag filling operation.

The Budpak GB55 Bag Filling Machine is fully Australian Made and manufactured at Accuweigh’s packaging equipment manufacturing facility in Perth, Western Australia. Using an Australian Made batch controller which can store up to 99 product memories, the bag filling machine is very operator friendly with all product names displayed and recalled using 6 digit alpha-numeric characters to minimise operator input errors.

With full automatic flight compensation and / or jogging sequences, Accuweigh’s bagging machine accurately fills bags to the required weight and also can compile material usage reports for each and every product used by batch number or shifts.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest industrial weigh/packaging company and has eight branches across all mainland states providing sales and service on all scales, bagging and filling equipment.

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