Bag Sealing Line for Grains Processor

Budpak’s Newcastle branch installed the automatic bag sealing line at the Cotton Seed Distributors’ plant near Toowoomba. The automatic Bag Sealing Line is part of a turnkey supply for filling, bag sealing, palletising and stretch wrapping lines commissioned by Budpak in 2008.

The Technipes LS-DP Bag Sealing Line is fully automatic and is suitable for medium to high speed factory production. Translating arms accept the filled bags from the bag fillers and a conveyor transports the bags to the micrometic bag trimming unit, then to the folding station where the bag tops are double folded.

A heat resistant chain conveyor is then used to transport the folded bags through the heat sealing process which seals the bags using heat sealed adhesive tape to ensure a positive seal is achieved. The sealed bag is then rotated 90º and released down a gravity slide to the palletising and wrapping lines on the floor.

Bud-Pak is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Accuweigh Pty Ltd, who are the sole Australian representative for Technipes SRL in Italy. Technipes has an extensive reference list worldwide in the flour industry, and hence an appropriate selection for this particular application.

Bud-Pak has hundreds of existing Bag Sealing Lines, palletizing, filling and stretch wrapper installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

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