Batch Controller Regulates Flow Of Liquid Potassium Silica

Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch recently commissioned a batch controller for Thermal Ceramics for use in their insulation manufacturing plant at Beverley in South Australia. The batch controller is used to regulate the flow of Liquid Potassium Silica which is used as a bonding agent in the manufacture of insulation blankets.

As well as supplying the batch controller, Accuweigh also manufactured a small liquids weigh hopper which holds up to 40 litres of the bonding agent and is suspended from a universal load cell. A setpoint function in the batch controller automatically starts a pump to refill the weigh hopper once the weight of the bonding agent reaches a designated low level.

The 5120 batch controller is capable of batching up to 6 ingredients with automatic in-flight adjustment stored in memory for each ingredient. A full weight ticket can be printed from the batch controller listing each target weight, the actual batched weights and batching deviations for each product. At the end of each shift, the batch controller generates a full materials usage printout for stock control purposes.

Thermal Ceramics Australia Pty Ltd is based in Beverley Park in South Australia and manufactures high temperature insulation products like Superwool 607™ / FireMaster™ range of low biopersistence fibre blankets, Insulating Fire Bricks, boards, papers, felts and microporous specialties.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states offering sales & service on batch controllers, batching systems and all industrial weighing equipment.

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