Batch Tracking Software

Matcon is launching ‘Track-Record’, an IBC tracking and recipe control system for use in powder processing.

Traceability and quality assurance is becoming increasingly crucial for manufacturers of food and other high value processed ingredients. Number of recipes, ingredients and particularly allergen concerns are forever increasing. When combined, this results in new manufacturing challenges to assure that highly valued brand names are not at risk due to manufacturing methods or human errors.

The need for increased diversity has also forced many manufacturers to rethink their processes. A flexible, IBC-based solution has been chosen by many as the best technology to address the demands of today’s rapidly developing market. These systems minimise the risk of cross contamination between different recipes and allow several different recipes to be produced simultaneously. But, this does also increase the challenge in regards to keeping track of what is being processed where. Paper trails do go some way towards comforting the Quality Control department however it still leaves more to be desired.

There are several suppliers of complex MES-packages which can be further developed to include IBC tracking and recipe control on a bespoke, case by case basis. However, Matcon has instead developed a purpose-made software package ’Track-Record’ – its sole purpose is to provide total control of operations in your powder processing system. Apart from unprecedented quality assurance, the software also provides significantly improved plant output and efficiency by structuring work flow and utilising people and machinery to the best ability.

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