Beumer Powder & Bulk Solids India 2013

At Powder & Bulk Solids India 2013, the international conference and exhibition for storage, handling and processing of bulk materials and powder (October 9–11, Mumbai, India), the Beumer Group will be presenting its wide-ranging expertise in silo technology, conveying, loading, filling, palletizing and packaging.

Enexco Teknologies India Limited, which belongs to the Beumer Group with headquarters in Beckum, Germany, will be displaying its innovative solutions for handling bulk materials at Stand C2. For example, Beumer has system solutions for planning, design and construction of complete grinding mills for specific applications. Enexco is additionally a full-line supplier of silo systems. It provides air slides, manual and automatic shutoff valves, parallel distributors, weighing systems, ventilation systems, metering equipment, throughput measuring equipment, pipelines and suitable control systems. Reference facilities throughout the world bear testimony to Enexco’s expertise with various silo types.

In addition, Beumer produces curved belt conveyors which are capable of transporting large quantities of bulk material from the quarry or mine to the factory or port cost-effectively and quickly. Belt conveyors overcome long distances, steep gradients and tight curves, and can be individually matched to the particular task and topography. Depending on the requirement, Beumer offers open troughed belt conveyors for higher throughputs and larger mass flows as well as larger curve radii, and enclosed pipe conveyors for products which need to be protected against the effects of the environment.

Beumer also manufactures loading heads for fast and dust-free loading of bulk materials into silo vehicles. Their double-walled design separates the dust-removal system from the material inlet. The heads can be moved laterally to compensate for minor errors in the position of the vehicle. When large volumes of material are handled, such as in the cement industry, stationary loading heads are often inadequate because they have to move from one filling spout to the next on the vehicle. In response, Beumer has developed mobile loading units that can be adapted to the length of the vehicle. It also offers various telescopic systems for loading open vehicles without generating dust.

The Enexco fillpac is a highly efficient filling system offered by the Beumer Group. This rotating packer is designed for capacities from 300 to 6,000 bags per hour. The system is capable of processing all types of bag. When fitted with a special bag placer, the fillpac R even fills HDPE bags. The size of the filling impeller has also been increased. In the area of palletizing technology, the Beumer Group will be showing its paletpac range. These layer palletizers handle bags filled with bulk materials. The geometrical accuracy and stability of the palletized stacks enable them to be stored without any problems, thus ensuring reliable integration into downstream packaging systems. For this purpose Beumer developed its versatile and high-capacity stretch hood packaging system, which secures loads on pallets by stretching a snug-fitting hood over the palletized goods while minimizing film consumption.

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