BFFM First in Australia to Install APT Chronos New Technology Bag Filling Line

APF’s initial contact with Ben Furney Flour Mills was to provide a system to palletize bulky bagged products such as Bran, Pollard and Mill Run where we successfully supplied and installed our first Palletizer suited for this purpose. This association has led to a long term relationship between the two companies culminating in the installation of the “State of the Art” Bagging line, Palletizing machine and Rainbow Stretch Hood Machine for their Dubbo Flour Mill.

BFFM located in the middle of prime wheat country, was the first Flour Miller in Australasia to recognize the potential of PT Chronos recently released OML 3090 BF Patented Bottom up filling line, which gives dust free filling. The production capacity is around 800 to 900 25 kilo bags per hour, the closing system chosen was the double fold and glue method, which provides an easy to open bag without using a blade, the bag is regular in shape producing a well palletized load for despatch..jpg)

The system incorporates a gross weigher where the majority of the product is fed into the bag quickly whilst the last 2-3% is trickle fed, with weight accuracy of + 40 grams. The PT Chronos OML series is available with one, two or three filling heads, and optional closing methods such as: Sewing, Sewing with Crepe tape, Single fold over with sewing, Single fold over with Sewing and tape over, Heat Sealing, Pinch Top, Double fold over with gluing, Double fold over with tape over, New Block Toptm closing, BakerMate closing, others on request.

The filling line is linked to a PT Chronos BTH Palletizer HPL 900, which in turn is linked to a Rainbow Stretch Hood Machine, the finished pallet is stable well protected and rigid as a brick wall, transport loading is quick with little or no damage as there are no bags protruding from the pallet (see photo)

With the help of high technology and the latest innovations, Ben Furney Flour Mills is focused on delivery of products that exceed industry standards for safety, consistency and overall quality along with outstanding customer service.

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