Budpak Automatic Stretch Wrapper at BPS Wooloongong

Budpak supplied and installed a DNC model LINE stretch wrapper to one of their existing robot palletizer installations at Building Product Supplies in Beresfield NSW.

Bags of pre-mix from the Budpak supplied valve bag fillers are stacked onto pallets by a Fuji-Ace robotic palletizer. The completed pallets are then discharged from the loading station conveyor to the stretch wrapper conveyor section, where a top sheet is automatically applied to the load by a Budpak supplied top sheet applicator. The loaded pallet is then automatically stretch wrapped by the LINE automatic stretch wrapper. The wrapped pallet is transferred to an accumulation conveyor for removal by fork lift.

Model LINE is DNC’s most versatile fully automatic pallet wrapping machine. The basic structure is a reinforced frame where a large bearing is lodged, specially designed to withstand the weight of the roller turntable and load. The mast is coupled to this frame; it’s a sturdy structure along which the film carriage travels, and which encloses the electronic control unit.

The LINE model is fully automatic. It is controlled by means of an LCD display, where all the working parameters can be programmed and the general status can be checked. Its turntable is fitted with a roller conveyor for automatic infeed and outfeed of palletized loads.

The load is conveyed to the roller turntable. After positioning, an automatic device applies the film onto the load and the turntable starts rotating gradually until the preset speed is reached; simultaneously, the carriage begins its ascent and descent at the programmed speed, doing the preset number of reinforcing wraps.

Once the wrapping cycle is over, the turntable progressively stops until the home position is reached. Then, the cutter arm advances and the film is cut and pressed against the load. Load is outfed and the system is ready for a new cycle.

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