Budpak Multihead Weigher for NSW Animal Feeds Supplier

A Budpak multihead weigher is pre-weighing animal feeds for delivery into a Vertical Form Fill Machine (VFFS) for packaging and sealing. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch to a Forbes based animal feeds supplier, the multihead weigher is constructed in stainless steel for use with food products.

The Australian made series of Budpak PLA-GV3 multihead weighers are fitted with three weigh buckets aligned in a single row to allow placement in confined spaces. Budpak’s GV3 multihead weighers are ideal for accurately weighing product not requiring high throughput rates.

For high throughput weighing applications, Budpak also locally manufactures a range of multihead weighers using either four, six or eight weigh buckets arranged in two rows.

The PLA-G6 multihead weighers are used extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific for high speed weighing of sugar into retail quantities.

This Budpak PLA-GV3 linear weigher was slightly modified to allow for direct discharge of the animal feeds into 25kg bags to suit the client’s need for also supplying larger bags. This operating mode requires the operator to attach an empty bag to the filling chute and operate the machine in manual mode to fill the required number of 25kg bags.

The Bud-Pak PLA series linear weighers can be mechanically and electrically interfaced with most continuous motion Vertical Form Fill Seal machines (VFFS) available on the market. BudPak’s PLA series linear weighers are also available in multi-head weighing configurations to suit client’s needs and are designed for retail net weighing of most products with high accuracy at high speeds.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest weigh packaging company with eight branches across Australia providing full after sales support on a diverse range of weighing, packaging and food inspection products.

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