Budpak Upgrades On-Board Bagging Equipment

Budpak recently completed a major upgrade of bagging equipment installed on an ocean going bulk carrier. Budpak’s bagging equipment was originally installed on the 47,000 tonne bulk sugar vessel, CHL Progressor, in 1990 to discharge 50kg bags of white refined sugar at a rate of 360 tonne per hour.

The scale controllers originally fitted to the bagging equipment were no longer able to be supported with spare parts so the client upgraded the weighing electronics to Budpak’s latest Pack-Scan 500 weight controllers. An Accuweigh/Budpak service technician completed the bagging equipment upgrade while the vessel was in dry dock in Istanbul Turkey with the final commissioning being completed in Holland when the bulk carrier was being loaded with white refined sugar.

The on-board bagging equipment fitted to the bulk carrier was designed and manufactured by Bud-Pak for the innovative BIBO (Bulk In Bag Out) project for delivering bulk and pre-bagged sugar to European ports. Bagging equipment installed included six (6) Budpak Duplex net weight bagging machines, bag closing lines using Newlong Industrial bag closing lines and all transfer conveyors.
Budpak’s PAK-SCAN 500 is based on an Allen-Bradley touch screen PLC with custom software to provide an operator friendly graphical interface to all weighing functions of the bagging machines. Each PACK-SCAN 500 is capable of controlling up to eight weighing buckets and achieving both high speed filling rates combined with very high bag filling accuracies.

Budpak’s bagging machines are a favourite with sugar companies’ through-out the Asia Pacific with over 60 retail weighers with 6-8 weigh heads each being installed during the last 20 years.

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