Bulk Bag Filling Stations Exported to India

Two Bulk Bag Filling Stations were recently supplied to an Australian engineering company as part of a major export contract. The Australian Made Bulk Bag Filling Stations were supplied by Accuweigh/Budpak’s Newcastle branch to client specifications.

Each Stand-Alone Bulk Bag Filling Station is designed to fill flexible intermediate bulk containers with free flowing tapped bath using a semi-automatic operation. The operator’s duties includes manually placing the bulk bag straps onto support hooks and the bag neck on the filling spout before initiating the bag filling sequence.

The filled bag is then closed by the operator for removal from the bag filling station using a fork lift with pallet taking the weight of the filled bag from underneath to allow the bulk bag straps to be released. An empty bag is then attached to the bulk bag filling station before the process is repeated.
Budpak’s bulk bag filling stations include a heavy duty RHS steel support frame with an integrated weighing system containing four shear beam load cells of one tonne capacity each for a high safety overload margin.

To eliminate egress of dust from the bulk bags as they are being filled, an inner tube is designed to transfer product into the bag. The bag filling neck is fitted around the outer tube, and an inflating collar seals the neck of the bag to stop. The filling spout also includes a dust collection port and associated butterfly valve.

The frame of the Bulk Bag Filling Stations is designed to be easily relocated by a forklift with the weighing electronics contained in an IP65 dustproof stainless steel operator console mounted to one side of the filling station for easy operator access. A batching indicator is used to accurately control the amount of material filled into the bulk bags.

Budpak is one of Australia’s oldest suppliers of packaging equipment and has hundreds of bag filling and palletising installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

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