Bulk Batch Sampling Solutions

Essa has established a strong reputation for engineering rugged high-quality rotary sample dividers (RSD’s) for laboratory applications. These segmental bucket type samplers range in capacity from 5 L to 200 L. Many customers, however, have asked the company to design bulk samplers to handle batches of one or more tonnes in mass.

Below are two examples where Essa has solved the problem of representatively sampling or blending large and unwieldy sample batches. In both these cases primary samples are loaded into a hopper positioned on the ground. The sample is then fed into the rotary divider unit via a standard belt conveyor.

Models with hoppers located directly above the rotary divider unit are also available. These hoppers can be fed by using gantries, drum lifters or similar apparatus.

Model RSD 200-20

This bulk rotary sample divider was recently supplied to Hancock Prospecting’s Roy Hill Project. Here bulk iron ore exploration samples are fed into the 200 L capacity hopper via bulk-bags.

Ten representative splits are taken and collected in standard 20 L plastic buckets for further processing and testing.

Model RSD 1600

This RSD has a 1600 L capacity hopper and the splits are collected in eight 200 L steel drums. The unit pictured is being used at ERA’s Ranger Uranium Mine for batch test work.

Another application for the RSD 1600 is blending different batches of ore. In this case various batches of iron ore are fed into the hopper and divided into the eight drums.
The eight subsamples are then fed back into the hopper and divided again. This process is repeated once again. The resulting eight drums should each contain a representatively blended sample.

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