BulkTec Silo Systems – A Superior Choice

Designed & engineered to meet every customers needs, BulkTec silo systems from CST Storage, offer experience, fast and cost-effective manufacturing with an established reputation of storage success. The companys’ vast engineering expertise and unsurpassed design proficiency make BulkTec silo systems the superior choice to contain a variety of dry bulk materials.

BulkTec silos are designed to meet specific applications; each is engineered and fabricated to successfully store all types of dry bulk materials including:

  • Frac Sand and Coal
  • Minerals and Aggregates
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics and Petrochemicals
  • Food and Grain Products

CST has supplied over 350,000 tanks, domes, and vaults in over 120 countries. Their customers can depend on the company to provide a solution that will not only outlast the competition but afford the lowest life-time costs. Following their roots from Columbian Steel Tank Company, Peabody TecTank and Columbian TecTank, no other company matches CST’s quality, innovation and worldwide support.

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