Bursting Disc Provides Economical Solution

Instead of problematic traditional scored rupture discs, which open typically in four petals reducing the free net flow area, the unique IKB®-pro offers full bore opening and maximizes the discharge area. The risk of fragmenting petals is eliminated. With integrated vacuum protection this elite series of bursting disc provides an economical solution for modern day industries.

Using the patented IP method (U.S. pat. 7.520.153), for the first time the burst pressure is decisively trigged by imperfection. Its enhanced performance values over older scoring technology, makes the IKB®-pro an ideal solution for process applications which are price sensitive but at the same time quality demanding.

These robust metal rupture discs are available from 1 to 6 inches, pressure range up to 2,320 psig. The IKB®-pro rupture disc covers temperatures between -150° C (-238° F) to +550° C (+1,022° F) and is available in ss316 (L) or Alloy materials. It achieves an unique durability.

Rectors, tanks and process equipment in the chemical and petrochemical industries are protected with these unique rupture discs. They are also ideal for isolation and protection of safety valves. A special design to fit into sanitary clamp connectors for food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications is also available.

Pressure Systems Pty Ltd offer the complete range of REMBE® products competitively priced, with quick deliveries.

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