Carton Filling System for Gourmet Garden in QLD

A Carton Filling System is being used for filling food paste into bag-inbox cartons on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Supplied byAccuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, the Carton Filling System packages the company’s food patented food pastes into large bags for use by restaurants and catering companies.

The Carton Filling System utilises a scale base connected to a batch controller with fast/slow filling stages for increased throughput while maintaining high filling accuracies. The operator places an empty bag into a cardboard carton onto the scale base, connects the bag to the filling nozzle and then presses the start button.

The Carton Filling System automatically tares the scale display to offset the weight of the bag and box and then initiates the filling process. This automatic tare process eliminates any potential filled weight errors caused by variations in the weight of empty cartons.

The Carton filling system has the ability to store all individual filling records including target weights, achieved weight, error deviation, batch number and operator ID. At the end of each shift, full details of product throughput of the Carton filling system can be printed or exported to a PC.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states offering sales & service on weighing, filling, packaging and food inspection equipment.

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