Case Study – Discharging Carbon Black

Technical Details:
Material: Carbon Black
Material Particle Size: 0.25-2.00mm
Silo Construction: Carbon steel with resin lining
Silo Dimensions: Height-20.055m, Diameter – 8.6m
Silo Discharge: Conical bottom

Primasonics were contacted by Columbian Tiszai Carbon Ltd, Hungary who were having problems fully discharging their carbon black storage silos. These silos are 8.6m in diameter and 20m in height. On discharging these silos the company noticed a build up on the conical section and side walls of the silos, to clean this required hazardous procedures where climbers entered the silo to manually remove the build up.

The Approach:
On the advice of Primasonics a standard silo questionnaire was completed and returned to Primasonics. The engineering team at Primasonics then studied the system parameters before making their recommendations.

The Solution:
A single PAS-75 Acoustic Cleaner system was bought by Columbian Tiszai Carbon for two of these silos. Primasonics staff provided comprehensive help and advice while the companys’ own engineering team commissioned and installed the equipment.

The Result:
The installation of the PAS-75 Acoustic Cleaner system has completely prevented the build up of material which has led to less down time for these silos, greater process flexibility and removed the need for hazardous, laborious and costly manual cleaning. This solution proved so effective that two more acoustic cleaners were subsequentlypurchased, this time both acoustic cleaners were put in the same silo which was 13.75m in diameter and 24m in height.

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