Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves

The RHINOGATE-Series-M cast knife gate valve has evolved using the best possible design, performance based technology with strong focus on value for money, and wear life. These are available from 2-36 inch in size range, and come with a fully cast 316/CF8M Body, 316 Gate as standard (SAF/DUPLEX steels available)and a wide variety of actuation options like hand-wheel, chain-wheel, bevel-gear, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

The solid one-piece cast body, provides a great abrasion/corrosion resistant body on the most demanding liquid slurry and dry powder applications. Designed and engineered for the pulp and paper, chemical, mining, power, petroleum, and food process industries, as well as municipal water and waste treatment plants.


  • Body cast CF8M/316, fully Lugged
  • Gate in 316SS, (SAF, Duplex alloys)
  • Welded gatejams and guides, to enable easy repair
  • FULLY ROUND port to suit standard ID of Schedule 40pipe
  • Highflow, Minimum pressure drop
  • Drilled to all standard drilling patterns ANSI/Tab D/E, etc.
  • Meets MSS SP-81 specification for 150 PSI CWP
  • Smooth flow, non-clogging seat design


  • Mineral Concentrates, Slurry Lines,
  • Flotation cells, Thickener / Clarifier underflow
  • Isolation
  • Dewatering/Sludge disposal
  • Lime Transfer/Abrasive Corrosive Chemicals
  • Power stations/ Fly Ash / Bottom Ash
  • Mineral Sands/Gravel/Cement
  • Pneumatic Conveying/Dry Hoppers
  • Water/Waste Water/Sewage/Effluent
  • Inks/Blood/Food/Wine/Beverages/Pulp/Paper/Starch

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