CF60 Conductivity Sensor from Optek

The CF60 conductivity sensor features a superior six-electrode, four-pole design. The patented arrangement of the four current electrodes around the two potential electrodes results in a reliable and precise measurement of a broad conductivity range from 1 µS/cm up to 850 mS/cm. This unique design also provides greatly reduced sensitivity to sensor fouling and polarization. Designed for ultra-sterility, the six electrodes are sealed in the FDA-compliant PEEK sensor tip without the use of o-rings or epoxies.

A Pt1000 platinum RTD is integrated in the tip of the CF60 sensor providing fast-response temperature compensation. The optek inline sensor body ensures smooth and unrestricted flow of all process fluids with minimized hold-up and hydrostatic shear. This unique design results in rapid sensor response, precise measurements and maximized product recovery and quality.
Manufactured using only certified and traceable materials of the highest quality, the CF60 can be provided with special wetted parts for superior resistance to the acids, bases as well as organic and inorganic solvents. The CF60 sensor is suitable for CIP/SIP applications.

The CF60 sensor is designed to provide precise and reliable control of conductivity directly in the process, at very low volumes. In combination with an optek Converter Control 200, it provides a system that can be used under roughest process conditions.

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