Chinese subsidiary Now Even Closer to Customers

.jpg)Haver Technologies in Tianjin (HTT) has been living the latest guiding principle of Haver & Boecker’s “Time to chain” to higher degree since moving to its new location in June. The Chinese subsidiary links all the Group’s technologies and is entering markets as a total systems supplier with increased strength. The objective is to provide tailored machines and solutions to suit the customers’ needs and to significantly broaden the product range. In addition to the final assembly of packing machines for solid bulk materials and filling machines for liquid and pasty products, the company is also specialised in silo components, conveyor belts, foreign material screening machines, truck loading systems and palletizers.

The commercial space rented in Shenzen in southern China became too small and was no longer able to keep pace with the growing demand. The decision for a new building in the emerging north region was an easy one. “Our focus was on finding an ideal location with respect to customer closeness, ideal infrastructure, qualified personnel and good suppliers, and so we ended up in Tianjin,” said Ron Garthoff, Managing Director of HTT. A large part of the cement industry and numerous companies in the mineral processing technology are already located in this large region. Currently China’s largest chemical hub is being developed there. Haver Technologies (Tianjin) could hardly be closer to its customers. As a result the Chinese daughter company guarantees that 95 per cent of the HTT produced machines can be delivered within 24 hours. Service visits by service technicians will be done in the shortest time. Here HTT benefits from the ideal infrastructure: One of China’s largest seaports and an international airport directly in Tianjin, an excellent constructed network of motorways and the Beijing airport right at the doorstep.

In just ten months a two-storey 1300 sq m office building with space for approximately 45 employees was built on a total area of 13,300 sq m. There is also the possibility for a production and warehouse facility with an area of 4500 sq m. Moreover, the possibility for future expansion was accounted for as another 2000 sq m building may be built when needed. The new location is supplemented by a Research + Development Center that is based on the R+D-Center at the German headquarters in Oelde, Germany. Here Haver Technologies (Tianjin) can design and determine the right machines and filling technology on site, and thus even more forcefully convey trust and reliability in the products of the Haver Group.

The most important employees of the former Haver subsidiary Haver Ibau Shenzhen provided support with the move and have switched to the new location. “We kept our expertise and so we were able to start immediately with the production at the new location – important because of the very good incoming orders situation,” said Garthoff, who assessed the start in Tianjin as extremely positive. The potential for growth is enormous: The number of employees will grow from 60 to 75 by year’s end. The team of technicians will be strengthened significantly. Due to the significantly increased demand for premium value, environmentally friendly and automated solutions in China, a doubling of the sales turnover is planned by 2017.

The new location of Haver Technologies (Tianjin) in northern China offers excellent framework conditions with respect to closeness to the customers, infrastructure, qualified personnel and good suppliers. In just ten months a two-storey 1300 sq m office building with space for approx. 45 employees was built on a total area of 13,300 sq m. There is also the possibility for a production and warehouse facility with an area of 4500 sq m.

When planning the production, Haver Technologies (Tianjin) placed much value on optimum equipment: Kanban assembly stations, assembly cranes, two crane bridges with a lift capacity of 10 and 15 tonnes respectively, and an automatic stock system for small parts ensure ideal work conditions. The photo shows the production hall before moving.

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