Chlorine Analyzer provides Accurate Chlorine Water Measurement

GF Piping Systems has introduced the patent pending Signet 4630 Chlorine Analyzer System to augment their growing line of measurement and control products for potable water. Designed with amperometric sensing technology, the new analyser incorporates a clear flow cell, flow regulator, sensors, filter and rotameter all in one compact unit.

The fully integrated system provides a turnkey solution for accurately measuring free chlorine inapplications with stable pH, temperature and chlorine levels. Typical uses include water distribution, ground and surface water monitoring, HVAC cooling water, food and beverage, RO membrane protection, swimming pools, aquariums, and water parks.

A key feature of the new device is a built-in flow regulator that automatically controls the flow stream across the sensors membrane, resulting in reduced bubbles for improved system accuracy. The flow cell comes complete with isolation ball valves, which eliminates the need for purchasing additional parts – the only requirement is a 3/8” influent and drain tubing. Installation is easy into any service point in the system where nominal pressure is 15 to 150 psi (1-10 bar).

The 4630 Chlorine Analyzer’s amperometric sensor technology provides an improved solution over traditional chlorine monitoring by enabling more accurate measurement in real time and eliminating the need for reagents. Typical chlorine measurement devices, such as DPD based instruments, rely on chemical reagents, which may be out-dated or contaminated and require frequent replacement and maintenance. Other methods which calculate free chlorine measurement include the use of pH and ORP sensors. These also require frequent calibration and cleaning, and often produce unreliable readings. The new 4630 reagent-free system eliminates problems associated with chemical testing while providing a continuous monitoring solution.

In addition to its simple installation, the unit’s flow cell can be easily opened for thorough cleaning and removal of algae or hard water deposit build-up. The analyzer comes equipped with pre-wired electronics, a 120 VAC power plug, two 4 to 20 mA outputs and two dry contact mechanical relays. The flow cell can accommodate two sensors; one chlorine and an optional pH sensor. Other features include a bright backlit LCD display and an optional weatherproof exterior panel for outdoor mounting applications.

Product Manager Andrew Heisler, says. “The system is truly an all-in-one chlorine measurement solution – to our knowledge it’s the only one on the market with a built-in flow regulator.”

GF Piping Systems supplies a full range of plastic pipes and fittings to valves and measurement instruments and the respective jointing technologies. Tailor-made solutions for any application in which fluids or gases are conveyed, whether for mining, industrial, chemical, water or utilities applications.

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