Circular Grate Magnets Available from WJB Engineering

WJB Engineering manufactures a range of circular grate magnets for magnetic separation of metal fragments in powdered food products and pharmaceuticals.

Circular Grate Magnets can be installed in the base of conical hoppers and bag tipping areas and can be manufactured to suit any conical application or product outlet.

WJB Engineering’s Circular grate magnets can be made with mounting points for fixed applications or can be supplied with a stainless steel handle for bag tipping areas or areas where the Circular magnet needs to be easily removed for cleaning.

Where the grate magnet is to be installed at an outlet above bagging or in bulk outloading chutes, the centre support style circular grate magnet enables “swing down”magnet cleaning without the need to remove the grate magnet

Grate magnets sold under the MAGNATTACK ™ Brand are resonated under vacume to maximize the retention of certificated 10,000 gauss strength life over time.

Circular grate magnets manufactured by WJB Engineering and sold under the trade mark MAGNATTACK ™ can be air freighted on short delivery times, anywhere in the world.

WJB Engineering has an international HACCP endorsement for products and magnet validation services used by the food industry. WJB Engineering’s grate magnets including RE80 Circular Grate Magnets containing ultra high energy Magnetics and are constructed to top food grade standards.

Where dimensions are limited or the material flows with difficulty, a food grade pneumatic vibrator can be provided with the delivery or retrofitted to the MAGNATTACK™ circular grate magnet.

Additional to grate magnets, WJB Engineering also manufactures high grade RE80 magnetic separation equipment such as liquid line magnetic separators, pneumatic blowline magnetic separators and self- cleaning magnetic separators for food industry applications requiring high energy magnetic separation for metal fragment control.

Contact WJB Engineering today for any Magnetic separation needs you have or specific needs regarding grate magnets.

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