Combination Multihead Weigher and VFFS from Budpak

Budpak’s combination multihead weigher with an integrated VFFS is now available from eight branches across Australia. The AW-MV14A combination multihead and VFFS machine offers substantial savings over purchasing both a multi-head weigher and VFFS machine separately, both in monetary value and in required working area and height requirements. This combination multihead and VFFS machine is very compact and requires minimal floor area, but more importantly, the combined height is only 2.25 metres including the multihead weigher.

The need for a working platform to access the multihead weigher is totally eliminated by this breath-taking new design which has the multi-head weigher fully supported by strong metal legs integrated into the VFFS machine’s chassis. Fully constructed in stainless steel, Budpak’s AW-MV14A is suitable for handling all most products including biscuits, lollies, dried fruits, plastic parts, seeds, chips etc.

Designed for products packaged into small to medium size bags, this combination Multihead and VFFS can competently weigh and package product into bags up to 190mm wide by 230mm long. The multihead weigher is available with either 10 or 14 weigh buckets with nominal capacities of 0.8 and 0.5 litres respectively.

The power requirements for the combination multihead weigher and VFFS is a single 240VAC input as both machines utilise servo motors extensively for low power consumption and smooth operation. A large full colour touch screen provides access to all functionality of both machines for both setup and operator input.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest weigh/packaging company and has eight branches across mainland states providing proficient after sales support on all products.

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