Continuous Lubrication – 16 Ways in Which Productivity and ROI are Improved

  1. Reduces repairs by increasing bearing life.
  2. Reduces man-hours by eliminating manual lubrication.
  3. Eliminates machine downtime by reducing bearing failures thereby increasing production.
  4. Eliminates product spoilage by controlling amount of lubricant to the bearing.
  5. Reduces energy requirements by increasing machine efficiency (lowers bearing friction).
  6. Increases machine output by reducing down-time from bearing failures caused by poor lubrication and maintenance practices
  7. Safety No climbing on or over the machinery. Also safe lubrication of bearings inaccessible due to gas, water, fumes, height, heat, or movement.
  8. Machine tolerances are maintained longer by consistent automatic lubrication.
  9. Better housekeeping A closed, sealed system eliminates lube spillage or excess grease application. Machines remain cleaner. No spillage or excess lube promotes safer environments for workers.
  10. Promotes more efficient lubrication (a) Lubricates while machine is running (b) Delivers the right lubricant, in the right amount, at the right time.
  11. Prevents waste of lubricant by dispensing controlled amounts.
  12. Reduces rejects by maintaining closer bearing tolerances, which allow for closer product tolerances.
  13. Eliminates bearing contamination by supplying lubricant from a closed circuit. Most greasers do not clean grease fittings before manually lubricating them.
  14. Purges bearings in dirty work environments. GreaseMax automatic lubricators will purge or flush bearings thus reducing bearing failures due to contamination.
  15. Purges seals GreaseMax lubricators efficiently maintain a positive grease flow through labyrinth seals ensuring maximum operating efficiency of the seal and minimising the risk of bearing contamination
  16. Eliminates the problem of moisture degradation of grease Wet conditions, humidity and condensation rapidly degrade the grease’s lubricating properties leading to bearing failures. GreaseMax lubricators ensure a constant replenishment of new grease.

The Bottom Line: Continuous lubrication reduces production costs and increases productivity thereby improving profitability and market competitiveness.

© Milton Holmes 2010

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