Conveyor Cleaning Made Better

Effective conveyor belt cleaning is dependent on a number of factors including the conveyor belt type, its condition, the composition of material being handled and whether it is wet or dry, sticky or static.

While nearly all belt cleaners have a degree of effectiveness, long term solutions require greater consideration. Kinder & Co’s K-Brush range of conveyor belt cleaners has been developed using years of experience in the bulk materials and powder handling industries and features the company’s hallmark – simple effective design delivering long wear life.

Utilising a rotary action to sweep a conveyor belt clean, the K-Brush has the advantage of being compact in size allowing it to be fitted in space restricted or tight areas typical of many conveying installations. The K-Brush ahs been designed to sweep clean a range of products including wet, dry, sticky, hydroscopic, statically charged or abrasive materials.

The K-Brush has a standardised power drive assembly which allows easy fitment to most existing conveyor frame assemblies.

At the heart of the cleaning system is a series of segmented brushes constructed from non-corroding polyethylene with abrasive resistant polypropylene bristles for long wear life. As with nearly all Kinder materials handling solutions, a variety of bristle types and configurations are available to suit varying applications.

Ordering and fitting is also made easy with clients requiring just four measurements to order a ready to fit motorised K-Brush assembly. Flexibility is further enhanced with the gear motor able to be fitted in one of four orientations.

The compact K-Brush unit will not interfere with conveyor walkways or undercarriages, features long life sealed bearings and a reliable hi-quality gearbox and electric motor. The K-Brush is suited to cleated, chevron, reversible and mechanically joined belts while the company’s ‘DM’ series is available for heavy-duty applications.

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