CPE Retractable Rotor Mixer

Hygienic, fast and the ability to produce a quality mix, are just some of the features of the new RETRACTABLE ROTOR MIXER designed and manufactured by Chemical Plant & Engineering (CPE).

The CPE Retractable Rotor Mixer was designed in the interest of enhancing mixer performance and utilization. The unique design reduces downtime for cleaning between batches and minimizes the potential for cross contamination.

An easy to access mixing chamber and minimum trapping points for dust and foreign contaminants, ensures a more reliable and repeatable cleaning process and hygienic mixing environment. Body construction also provides the structural integrity with minimum stiffeners and trap points.

The principal features and benefits of this CPE Mixer include:

  • A fully retractable rotor assembly (attached to the mixer end plate and easily moved manually)
  • Minimal trap points for dust and foreign contaminants
  • Quick release bolts on end plate
  • More reliable and repeatable cleaning process due to ease of access
  • Occupational Health & Safety considerations – no bending or leaning into difficult to access areas for cleaning

The incorporation of these features, in addition to the homogeneous blends and faster mix times available through paddle mixing technology, makes the CPE Retractable Rotor Mixer the product of choice.

A demonstration of the CPE Retractable Rotor Mixer can be seen in the video below.

Chemical Plant & Engineering has designed, manufactured and supplied quality process and mixing equipment for over 50 years and has a commitment to ongoing design improvements in order to meet customer and industry requirements.

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