CST Opens Up Bolted Silo Market

Other equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in the dry bulk materials handing market, rely on sourcing industry leading equipment and integrating this into a complete system supplied to a customer to maintain a successful business strategy. Today, it is possible for any Australasian OEM to offer a cost effective bulk storage solution to their customers, in the form of a BulkTec factory coated, sectional bolted silo.

Previously only available through local agents, CST Storage is now making available its range of BulkTec factory coated, sectional bolted silos to Australasian OEM’s, directly from the factory in the USA. This will allow OEM’s to source directly from the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of factory coated, sectional bolted silos.

Originally developed in the early 1900’s for liquid storage, bolted tanks were adapted in the 1930’s for dry bulk storage applications, with first applications being in the grain industry. The smooth interior walls and gasketed bolted joint system proved very durable and economical when compared to the silos that were then used (concrete and site welded steel).

Today, BulkTec silos successfully store all types of dry bulk materials including Food & Grain Products, Plastics and Petrochemicals, Coal, Minerals and Aggregates, Fly Ash, Cement, Chemicals and Activated Carbon.

Integration of a BulkTec factory coated, sectional bolted silo into any dry bulk materials handling systems, brings many advantages…………

  • Custom engineering and quick fabrication equals less project time
  • Standard designs available with 45°, 60° and 70° hoppers, with custom design as required
  • Mass flow designs (first in, first out discharge) and funnel flow designs (last in, first out discharge)
  • Readily available from 3.6m to 14m diameter with hopper bottom, and up to 60m diameter with flat bottom
  • State-of-the-art baked-on powder coating systems – internal and external
  • Versatility in the field for modification and expansion
  • Quick installation times, with no site coating application.
  • Easily containerised for international shipment
  • Reliability in customer satisfaction – ISO 9001 quality system certified
  • In-house design, engineering and drafting

With an experienced Sales Manager located in the region, it is easy discuss the integration of a BulkTec factory coated, section bolted silo into your next system, directly with the manufacturer.

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