Dalamatic Dust Collectors

The Dalamatic series of dust collectors from Donaldson Australasia provides a solution for most dust filtration applications in industries ranging from agriculture, food processing, and transport through materials handling, ports, quarries and cement works, woodchipping, plastics processing and general engineering.

Provided in two versions, both are continuous duty dust collectors that handle the most difficult product recovery applications. Dura-Life long life filter bags now come fitted as standard on all models.

Firstly, there is the Dalamatic Cased (DLMC) standalone collector which can be ducted into many different applications. Secondly, the Dalamatic Insertable (DLMV) is a versatile collector that can be inserted into various applications such as bins, silos, bunkers, storage vessels or transfer points.

These products run non stop for continuous collection and filtration of high dust concentrations at high filtration velocities and constant levels of resistance. This is relevant for most industries and applications.

The products are compact in design, which enables them to be used for installation in restricted areas. Envelope size bags increase the amount of media in a given space between bags and allow for greater space between bags. This minimises the scope for bridging.

All Dalamatic units now come fitted with the technologically advanced Dura-Life filter bags, which provide as much as two to three times the life of standard bags whilst also reducing emissions. Increased bag life means less service requirements and disruption to equipment operation as well as reductions in overall maintenance and bag costs.

Operation of the Dura-Life filter bags comprises four key steps. Firstly, dust accumulates on the outer surface of the bag. Secondly, a blowpipe (jet tube) injects a burst of compressed air into the filter bag. Thirdly, airflow is briefly reversed which inflates the filter bag and dislodges the dust and fourthly, the dust cake falls into a collection hopper.

Traditional polyester bags have been woven with a needling process that creates larger pores where dust can embed into the fabric, inhibiting cleaning and reducing bag life. But, Dura-Life bags are engineered with a unique hydroentanglement process that uses water to blend the fibres. This process provides more uniform material with smaller pores, resulting in better surface loading and better pulse cleaning and double the bag life. Tough EPA tests in North America have shown that Dura—Life bags have 30 % less emissions than other market options.

The DLMC models use envelope shaped bags that can handle air volume ranges from 1500 cfm to 15000 cfm and apply a downward airflow pattern that minimises dust and re-entrainment. DLMC models are installed face to face making access and maintenance easier. There are 18 DLMC models.

DLMV models are supplied in five configurations to suit most applications. These models can be inserted into hood enclosures at belt transfer points, bucket elevator casings, ribbon blenders and receiving hoppers for clamshell unloaders. The insertable approach reduces or eliminates ducting costs and can reduce energy costs. The bags for DLMV models can be installed hanging vertically, horizontally or any angle in between.

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