Daniel Berg to head Asia Pacific Operations of Baldor, Dodge and Reliance

[Baldor]() has appointed Daniel Berg as Managing Director of its newly combined Asia Pacific operations. Baldor acquired the Reliance electric motor and Dodge power transmission brands in February 2007, and the combined operation provides a powerful resource to support regional industrial development with a comprehensive product range in this automation segment.

Daniel Berg assumes responsibility for one manufacturing facility and seven sales and support centres, in India, Singapore, Thailand, China, South Korea, Japan and Australia. He views the company’s energy efficient and special duty electric motors, and conveying systems, as core products for these markets.

"During the last few years Baldor has grown rapidly in the Asia Pacific region, largely because of its focus on energysaving motors which greatly speed return on investment. Our new combined operation with the Reliance and Dodge brands adds very large motors and a complete portfolio of power transmission technologies, allowing us to provide complete turnkey solutions", says Daniel Berg.

A 20-year veteran of Baldor, Daniel Berg was previously head of Baldor’s Southern Europe operations, which included responsibility for India.

He views three of the company’s product lines as particularly attractive options for current Asia Pacific markets. One is an innovative power transmission solution that is purpose-designed for long conveying applications, such as those used in mining, cement plants, power plants and loading/unloading at ports. This product is based on a novel gearbox called the Controlled Start Transmission, which is manufactured locally in Baldor’s Shanghai factory. The other two are energy efficient motors which provide outstanding efficiencies of up to 96% or more and special-purpose motors that are optimised for applications including chemical processing and variable speed control.

"Many large-scale Asia-Pacific industrial users are currently investing in higher levels of automation, and Baldor has both the technology and the local resources to configure and deliver state of the art solutions with the added benefit of a platform optimised for long-term, low-cost use", adds Berg.

Baldor now has 27 plants worldwide and over 8,000 employees, and become the leading vendor in a number of major segments, including the USA’s electric motor and power transmission markets. It is the second largest supplier of electric motors in the world.

The company’s product portfolio spans industrial electric motors, drives, generators and motion control equipment, and power transmission equipment including mounted bearings, enclosed gearing, couplings, sheaves and pulleys.

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